Have you always wanted a home office that really suits your needs but is also inviting?

Start by clearing some clutter and adding functional furniture. Add items that lift your mood such as flowers, pictures, or even candles and music. Follow our guide and create the home office you deserve.

Function First

More people are working from their homes and the home office set-up needs to be customised to suit for different purposes. What are you using the home office for? If you work remotely full time, then the equipment is defined by your daily tasks and often planned with instructions from your employer.

If you use the office as an entrepreneur or merely as a space where you can delve into your own hobbies and interests, you have more options to work with.

Usually, however, you will need a desk and a comfortable chair, cabinets to store office supplies, files, and papers.

It is also important to have good ventilation and lighting in the room.

Add Beauty

A perfect home office needs to be more than just a space where you can put your computer in. You need to feel comfortable in the space and want to come back to it every day. Start creating your dream space by thinking creatively.

Add furniture that caters to your needs but is also beautiful in form and colour. You can use pieces that are not traditionally considered office furniture. A work desk might be an old rustic dining table or a wood-working bench. Old bookcases can be turned into great filing cabinets.

Adjust the shelves, give it a coat of paint, or cover the whole piece with wallpaper or even fabric to make it more interesting.

If you have room for a couch or a lounge chair, you can create a space where you can relax between tasks or enjoy a coffee break. Make the space your own with personal items that boost your energy, such as family photos or a poster from your favourite movie.



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