It can sometimes be challenging for those who enjoy watching marine life to actually head out to the ocean and get up close and personal.

However, if you want to experience the wonders of the ocean at home, and cross this off your bucket list, then technology has come to your rescue.


The Rise of Live Webcams

Live webcams stream 24 hours per day, even from the most unlikely of places. There isn’t a corner of the world that can’t be accessed from your home at any time. This includes some of the most famous aquariums and zoos, and it can be a very immersive experience.

The images are usually of high resolution and take you directly into your favourite marine animal’s habitat. If you have a chance to watch on a regular basis, you will get to know the routine of the creature and even discover its personality!


Jellyfish, Penguins or Sharks!

No matter which aspect of ocean watching you enjoy, there will be a live webcam that covers your interest. Even something seen as relatively mundane such as watching jellyfish can become quite mesmerising.

Perhaps you prefer a more cuddly creature? If so, then there is no shortage of opportunities to watch penguins. You may even be lucky enough to be there at the moment a baby penguin is born.

Those with a more adventurous nature will enjoy looking for live webcams that focus on a shark tank.

With a good internet connection, it’s possible to achieve your bucket list task of experiencing the ocean at home. Live webcams can be found at Edinburgh Zoo, Sea Life London, and many more.

Many of them also have a daily schedule, so it’s possible to watch feeding time, which can be both amusing and thrilling, all from the comfort of your sofa!



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