As a water sports enthusiast, perhaps you have already tried many of the options available.

However, something new to add to your bucket list is stand up paddle boarding (SUP). It is a great activity to do on different water bodies, such as inland lakes, canals, the sea and rivers. You may wish to start with a couple of lessons to grasp the basics before heading out on your own.


What Will I Need?

The beauty of taking lessons first is that the equipment will be provided for you. Basically, all you will need is your swimming gear or a wetsuit and a towel. Typically, paddle boarding is done barefoot. The instructor will supply you with a buoyancy aid and your paddle and board.

It helps if you are confident in the water, as there is a possibility that you might fall in. However, it is surprisingly easy to master, even if your sense of balance is not great.

Moving Up a Gear

When you have mastered the basics and gained your confidence on the board, you will be able to practice your newfound skill anywhere. There are lots of organised adventures you can join and have fun with others who share your enthusiasm.

If you want to add a touch of excitement to your paddle boarding, you can try the extreme version and challenge the rapids. This will require extra safety gear such as a helmet, and you shouldn’t do it alone.

Having discovered the delights of stand up paddle boarding, you can now cross this off your bucket list and enjoy it for years to come. You may wish to buy your own board, and this is quite affordable. You can get the whole family involved and explore the waterways together.



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