If visiting a Buddhist temple is on your bucket list, you may be surprised to learn that no religious restrictions will prevent you.

There are some basic etiquette rules to be followed, but visitors are always welcome. Quiet reflection on the art and architecture is the order of the day and enjoyment of the calm atmosphere. You may actually be lucky enough to experience a service and hear the monks chanting.


The Etiquette of Visiting a Buddhist Temple

The most important rule is to keep your shoulders and legs covered, so no sleeveless shirts or shorts. You may find that some temples have sarongs at the entrance that you may borrow if necessary.

Be sure to ask before taking any photos, and do not use the flash. It would be disrespectful to take a picture of anyone as they are worshipping.

Don’t turn your back on a statue of Buddha; simply back away slowly while still facing the object.

Recommended Buddhist Temples

Many of the world’s most spectacular temples are found in Asia, necessitating a long trip, but it will definitely be worth it. Bangkok has numerous examples to visit, with the Wat Benchamabophit Temple being particularly charming, constructed in Italian marble.

In Japan, Seiganto-Ji is set next to the country’s tallest waterfall and is featured on the Saigoku pilgrimage trail. Difficult to reach, the Paro Taktsang temple in Bhutan is known as the Tiger’s Nest and requires a steep hike to access it.

Despite the long journeys to see the most famous Buddhist temples, it will be worth your while, and the memories will stay with you forever. You may wish to explore the religion further or perhaps learn about its history. This is one bucket list task that could have a profound effect on your life.



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