Winter is just around the corner. What better way is there to get in the Festive Spirit than to visit a Christmas market (Christkindlmarkt)?

Most Christmas markets were cancelled last year, in 2020, due to the pandemic. Now, this winter they are returning to cities across the UK including London, Leeds and Winchester.

With global supply chains also hard-pressed to meet December deadlines, now could be a great time to consider local, hand-crafted gifts for your friends and family.


Get ahead, early

It may be tempting to leave your Christmas shopping until the mid/late weeks of December. However, there is still doubt about whether another “wave” of COVID-19 will sweep the UK during its colder months, leading to restrictions which may affect your ability to shop.

There are also, presently, problems with international shipping – leading to the possibility that demand could outstrip supply as we approach Christmas. As such, consider attending a Christkindlmarkt early to avoid possible problems later.

Many Christkindlmarkts will start to open in the coming weeks, from early/mid November including Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Make it a family event

Many people find it strange to think about getting into Christmas Spirit early, in November. Yet many other countries celebrate Christmas over many months. In the Philippines, for instance, the Christmas season starts on the 1st September!

Visiting a Christkindlmarkt can, therefore, be more than just a quick shopping experience. It could be a wonderful family day out for you and your children.

Take time to research your nearest Christkindlmarkt and find out which one(e)s may offer the best parking, on-site attractions and range of stalls.

You could even turn it into a weekend trip! In which case, think about finding suitable accommodation with free cancellation (given the pandemic uncertainty) and see if you can tie your Christkindlmarkt visit into other activities that the city has to offer.




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