Take a look at anybody’s bucket list, and you can guarantee that keeping fit, getting healthier or losing weight will be pretty near the top.

A home workout can help to achieve all of these goals, but motivation can sometimes be lacking. If you were to design a weekly fitness routine, then you would never be short of ideas and would have a schedule to keep you on track.

Personal preference will dictate whether you prefer to set up a spreadsheet or use a pen and paper.


Designing Your Personal Routine

It can be all too simple to take a quick look on the internet and see hundreds of ready-made plans for home workouts. However, only you know your own fitness level, and it would be foolish to take on something too challenging that could lead to injury.

The amount of time you have available will also be a consideration. It can be better to do a shorter workout several times per week, than an exhausting two-hour session at the weekend.


The Exercises

Ideally, your fitness routine should include aerobic activity, strength training and perhaps some balance exercises for older adults.

Don’t forget to schedule a warm-up and cool-down session at the start and the end of your routine.

If this seems a little overwhelming, then you can break up your workout into smaller, more manageable segments. For instance, if your training includes 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day, this can be achieved with three 10-minute jogs.

The actual research of what to include in your home workout will probably be the most time-consuming aspect of designing your weekly fitness routine.

However, once that is done to your satisfaction, you can tick it off your bucket list and then it’s just a question of sticking to it!



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