Those of you with a particularly sweet tooth will need no introduction to the delights of pure honey.

Its delicious sweetness is the perfect accompaniment to a slice of toast, drizzled on fresh fruit or hot porridge. But, have you actually ever thought of collecting it yourself?

Are you perhaps scared of the thought of the bees? Don’t worry, there is no reason not to have this on your bucket list!


Collecting Honey

Of course, we don’t suggest that you simply walk up to a hive, and try and help yourself, that would be foolish. However, numerous enthusiastic beekeepers are more than happy to take you on a tour of their hives.

The first thing you will be expected to do is put on the safety gear, an essential part of the process. You may feel a little odd in your white suit with full protective face mask and hood, but it is absolutely necessary.

You will then be taken to the hives for a fascinating, close look at their inner structures. The experienced beekeeper will explain the entire process of how the honey is harvested, and you will be allowed to take part, too.

Imagine dipping your finger into the fresh, oozing honey! You will also find out how beeswax candles are made and perhaps be allowed to take some home with you.

You might also be given a chance to taste other types of honey, each one with a different flavour, depending on which flowers the bees visited.

At the end of your fantastic experience, you will no doubt want to take some honey away with you. Next time you sit down to breakfast, you will remember how you crossed off another activity on your bucket list, by collecting fresh honey from a beehive!


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