Do you dream of long summer days, lazing in the garden with delicious food and a cold drink?

If so, then creating the perfect outdoor kitchen area should be on your bucket list. There are many advantages to having a cooking space outdoors, and if under cover, it can be used year-round.

You can start small with a simple decking area with a built-in barbecue and work your way up to a full kitchen with everything you need for a perfect dinner with friends.


What to Include in Your Kitchen?

Of course, this is down to personal preference, but some items are automatically associated with outdoor living. As mentioned before, number one on your list will be a barbecue. This can be the traditional type using hot coals or a more extravagant gas option. If you are a fan of pizza, then you might also consider a pizza oven, which will typically be wood-fired.

Other appliances include a fridge and a sink, with a fire pit for cooler evenings.


Designing the Layout

Space is the most important consideration, as you will need not only the items mentioned above but also a preparation area. Seating and tables will be necessary and should not be fixed but flexible to accommodate any number of guests.

Lighting fixtures will add a pretty glow for evening meals. You will need some type of canopy for inclement weather, and a framed gazebo is an excellent idea.

Having decided that you would like to create the perfect outdoor kitchen area and cross it off your bucket list, do check if you need planning permission from your local authority. Don’t forget to organise a first night party for your friends and family.

They will appreciate this gorgeous new living space for many years to come.



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