Have you ever thought about how you could help an endangered species such as the rhinoceros? If this is on your bucket list, this article will be of interest to you.

The Sumatran rhino, Javan rhino and the black rhino are all on the critically endangered list. Several other species are also under threat such as the Indian rhino and the white rhino. The Sumatran rhino’s habitat is based in Indonesia on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

Recently, a Sumatran rhino was featured in international news for the wrong reason. Unfortunately, it died, and it was Malaysia’s last surviving male.


Illegal poaching, for their horns, is prominent in many African and Asian countries and is a significant cause of their decline, along with loss of habitat, various political conflicts and climate change throughout the rhino’s environment.

Indigenous people who inhabit the lands where rhinos exist often have an insatiable desire to clear areas for farming, housing or roads, with little consideration for the future of this species. Rhinos are a vital member of the eco-system since they eat massive amounts of vegetation and grass.

This keeps bushland and grasslands under some form of control. They are also crucial for tourism and provide some much-needed income to some of the poorer parts of the world.


Ways to make a difference

If you would like to see a rhino in the wild, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) arranges trips and safaris where you can see rhinos in their natural habitat. Of course, you get to see lots of other exotic species along the way.

These tours not only provide locals with an income it helps to get them to recognise the importance of the rhino. You can also adopt a rhino and pay a certain amount each month to help keep it safe. Donations are welcome at any time to help the WWF continue its efforts to save the rhino.

You may also consider fundraising events to support the cause. This could be one more task to cross off your bucket list.

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