Self-development is undoubtedly a hot topic right now. Perhaps you are interested in the concept but don’t know where to start?

The subject often features on a bucket list but is never explored due to a fear of its complexity. Rather than diving in at the deep end, you could narrow your goal down to reading one book per month on developing your mindset.

This is much more achievable, and you could start today!


What You Could Learn

There are many fascinating topics to explore within the growth mindset field, and many of them involve quick wins that you could initiate straight away. These include how you can embrace and acknowledge your imperfections, ways of trying different learning tactics and how to stop using the word “failure”.

Achieving success can be the end result of developing your growth mindset, and simply by reading one book per month, you could improve your life by leaps and bounds.

Recommended Reading

There are numerous books on self-development, and some are more intense and scientific than others. To keep up with your bucket list task, start with those that are more beginner-friendly, written in a friendly, effortless style.

These include The Lazy Way to Success by Fred Gratzon, Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet! by Joachim de Posada and Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. These three books alone will go a long way in developing your mindset.

Once you have got into the habit of reading one book a month, you may be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it is to meet this bucket list goal. You can take your studies further and listen to podcasts, watch webinars and join online classes.

Who knows, perhaps one day, you could write your own book and aspire others to take a step on the same path.



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