Many of us wish to do something that will raise money, and make a difference to the world but lack the time or guts to do something genuinely spectacular, such as jumping out of a plane or scaling Mount Everest.

Fortunately, if this sounds like you, there are plenty of other smaller scale things that you can do, which will still raise a substantial amount of funds, and help a cause that is close to your heart.

A charity hike

If you’ve always fancied doing a charity hike, then the main thing you must do is to start planning in advance. Not only will you need to wait until a season when the weather is suitable for your hike, but you’ll generally be expected to raise a certain amount before you take part.

If you’re looking to take part in a big organised event, then it’s worth having a look at a fundraising website to see what’s happening in your area.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a solo challenge, you’ll find that many charities are happy to support your fundraising efforts, as long as you pledge to raise a guaranteed minimum amount.

Mapping out your hike

When you’re planning your activity, be realistic about what you’ll be able to do, in the length of time you’ve given yourself. You do not want to be left feeling disappointed, or letting people down, because you’re not able to complete an overly ambitious goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Remember, that as well as raising money for a cause that you care about, you should enjoy your charity fundraising adventure. Yes, it should be something that challenges you, and occasionally pulls you away from your comfort zone, but it should also be an activity that leaves you with a real sense of achievement.

Choose your challenge accordingly, and you can be sure of great results.

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