Although most people associate bucket list dreams to be quite selfish in nature, usually involving having a fabulous experience in an exotic country, taking time out to help others can be equally rewarding.

That is why volunteering at a local hospice should feature on your bucket list. Even if you prefer not to work within the hospice, you can arrange a fundraising event which will be much appreciated.

You could also take part in an organised event, such as a fun run, and give any money raised to your local hospice.


A Variety of Roles

There are plenty of different roles within a hospice where volunteers are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the establishment, and often, no experience is necessary. You will definitely get a warm glow, knowing that you are not only offering practical support but also companionship.

You may perhaps work on the wards, offering refreshments, deal with administration tasks or if there is a shop on the premises, you could help out there.

Full training will be given, and you won’t be expected to deal with any medical issues or provide personal care.


The Types of Hospices

The mention of the word hospice may conjure up thoughts of a sad, quiet place for people with terminal illnesses to spend their last days. However, they are actually bright and cheerful establishments with an uplifting atmosphere.

There are separate hospices for adult and children and not all patients are terminally ill. They may have a life-limiting condition and require a stay for a few days to give their family a well-deserved rest.

Volunteering at a children’s hospice can be very rewarding, and you can help them with art or music therapy.

So, volunteering at a local hospice should now be on your bucket list, and not to be treated as a one-off experience, but a continuing way of helping within your local community.



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