Pilates has been around for approximately a century, developed by German-born immigrant Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Even then, this pioneer of physical fitness promoted the use of apparatus during his workouts, with the most essential piece of equipment, the reformer, still used to significant effect to this day.

Perhaps the best thing about Pilates is its accessibility to all, offering dramatic benefits to both gym fanatics, and the more “couch potato prone” among us.

Those considering taking up lessons should first check out the following information before ticking off their next bucket list item.

What Exactly is Reformer Pilates?

The difference between the mat-based variety and reformer routines is the reformer itself, which basically resembles a bed with a sliding carriage, springs, ropes and pulleys.

It sounds rather complicated, but the apparatus does the same job as mat-based Pilates; that is, to improve flexibility, strength and posture, albeit with added resistance and a greater range of motion. This results in a more dynamic workout and the utmost versatility.

Benefits for Mind and Body

Pilates believed that the conditioning of the mind, was as equally important, as the conditioning of the body, and this theory still rests at the core of the exercise today.

As in yoga and meditation, breathing is fundamental, and breathing correctly not only benefits you physically, but it also helps to calm the mind and improve concentration.

The practice of Reformer Pilates offers a full body workout, firming up arms, legs and shoulders, alongside its famed principle of core strengthening. Despite its high intensity, the exercise is low impact, making it the perfect choice for those recovering from injury.

Indeed, Pilates is performed in many rehabilitation clinics for a speedy recovery, and the prevention of recurring injuries. Add to that, improved flexibility and enhanced posture, and there really is no reason to wait any longer to join your local Reformer Pilates class, and start your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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