Strawberries are such an evocative fruit, bringing to mind lazy summer days and the thrill of Wimbledon. Of course, they are available year-round in supermarkets, often imported from sunnier climes.

Nothing tastes better than a fresh, seasonal English strawberry, and even better if you picked it yourself! Many people have strawberry picking at a local farm on their bucket list, and it really is a simple task to achieve this goal.


How to start picking

The first thing to do is to actually find a local strawberry farm, and a quick search in Google will undoubtedly bring up plenty of options. There are actually dedicated websites listing all the farms that allow strawberry picking.

Typically, you can filter them by a specific area. The listings will advise you of opening hours and available days, the full address, and phone number, and some have a map with clear directions.

Having found your farm, what can you expect when you get there? Some farms allow you to bring your own containers, while others will provide you with suitable carriers.

Once on the field, the strawberries will be planted in long rows, and it’s merely a matter of helping yourself.

Do be aware that the plants are low to the ground, so make sure you bend correctly; otherwise, your back will not thank you in the morning.


Eating what you pick

Many people ask whether you are allowed to eat the strawberries as you are picking. Invariably, the answer is yes, but do remember that this is the farmer’s livelihood, so don’t be too greedy and eat all his profits!

Once you have finished, the final task is to take your containers for weighing, where the overall price will be determined. Having fulfilled your bucket list activity, all that’s left is to enjoy your delicious hand-picked fruit!



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