For anybody fascinated by European travel, then a trip on the Orient Express will undoubtedly be on their bucket list.

Exploring Europe in the height of luxury, reminiscent of a bygone age, is a fabulous journey not to be missed. If the price is somewhat prohibitive, then you can simply take a one-way journey or even a day trip, putting this experience within reach of everybody. You may even spot a celebrity in the bar!

Choose Your Destination

Your first task is to choose your starting point from the list of available cities, such as Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Venice and, for convenience, London. The Orient express website is straightforward to use, and you can select the number of nights on board and cabin type. You may wish to travel to Budapest, Cannes, Florence, Vienna or Rome. There is actually a range of 57 routes available to suit all preferences.


What to Expect

Your exciting journey begins the minute you board the train, having met the conductor and leaving your bags with the porters. Whether you have chosen a cabin or a suite, your accommodation will be waiting for you and is sure to exceed your expectations.

If you really want the best of everything, you can book a Grand Suite and enjoy free-flowing champagne and private dining.

And talking of food, world-renowned chefs serve extravagant meals with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Don’t forget to leave room for breakfast when you can enjoy truffles, caviar and mimosa cocktails for a touch of decadence. Convivial evenings in the bar round off a perfect day.

There is no wonder that exploring Europe in luxury on the Orient Express is top of many bucket lists. You can be treated like royalty while enjoying spectacular scenery in the most luxurious surroundings.



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