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Planning your Adventure is not about the life you wished you had lived, but the life you can live. Realise your dreams and sense of adventure. Think ‘second life’ not ‘retirement.’ Have fun. And ask yourself, ‘What’s Next?’

In this section of our website, we give you some ideas and resources to plan your next adventure. Have a look at the different categories, choose your favourites and create your own unique bucket list. What are you waiting for?

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Run a marathon

Having an end goal can be a great incentive. If you want to start running, then competing in a marathon could be your dream. Of…

Make the ultimate den

If you have the urge to rediscover some of your favourite childhood activities, then making the ultimate den could be added to your bucket list.…

Explore the Jurassic Coast

For those with a keen interest in prehistoric history, a visit to the Jurassic Coast should be on your bucket list. This spectacular area of…
Go on a wildlife safari
Try a new type of exercise
Spend a week camping off the grid
Visit an animal farm with the family
Do a barista course
Try a canal narrowboat holiday
Create your 2022 Bucket List
Make a homemade gift
Donate some unwanted toys to charity

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Create Your Bucket List

Making a bucket list is ultimately about planning how you will live the best possible life with your remaining years. Check out our bucket list guide here to start planning your own adventure…

Why Plan?

Planning ahead for your life doesn’t have to take long, be overly-prescriptive or arduous. Done properly, it can be rewarding and immensely exciting. Try our free planning tools here…

Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years.

- Japanese Proverb
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