Many people have health and wellness goals on their bucket list, but perhaps never achieve them, or give up too easily.

One that you could consider is to start a kettlebell workout routine. It’s relatively inexpensive with little equipment required, and can be incorporated into your daily life.

Kettlebell training is not only effective but enhances your endurance, flexibility and strength. You can achieve a full-body workout with just one item in a short space of time.


Kettlebell Advantages

Kettlebells have a distinctive shape and an easy-to-grip handle, which makes them ideal for a wide range of exercises. From snatches to squats and swings to presses, kettlebell workouts engage many muscle groups simultaneously. Overall, it’s a great fitness solution, to build lean muscle, burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health.

Kettlebells are compact, portable, and easy to store, perfect for a home workout.

Build Your Routine

It goes without saying, that you should initially start with a lighter kettlebell, and always warm up first. Learning the different moves and how to hold and swing the kettlebell will take some practice.

The reason that kettlebells are so effective, is that the weight distribution is offset approximately six to eight inches from the handle. This forces you to work harder to control the kettlebell throughout the movement. Which in turn, burns more calories!

The foundational exercise is the kettlebell swing, which uses the hips and shoulders to bring the weight up over the body. Start by perfecting the move without any weight, before trying a light object, and then finally the kettlebell. There are numerous online resources and video tutorials to guide you. Have somebody with you initially, in case you lose your balance.

Including a kettlebell workout in your bucket list paves the way for a fitter, stronger and healthier lifestyle!


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