For those who love to travel and explore new cities or parks, why not add a new unique twist to your bucket list adventure?

You may recall the Segway, a two-wheeled, self-balancing form of transport. Unfortunately, it was somewhat expensive and not a great success.

But now, they have found a new lease of life as a fun way to get around on a group tour. And of course, they are eco-friendly too!


Find a Segway Tour

A quick online scroll reveals thousands of options for Segway tours, not just in the UK but worldwide. You may wish to pick somewhere easy to negotiate, without having to navigate through traffic for your first experience.

For example, you could take a scenic tour of Leeds Castle, which takes place in the grounds and gardens. Ideal for building up your confidence, and relatively inexpensive if you start with a 30-minute session.


Mastering the Segway

Learning to balance on the Segway is your first challenge, and you will be asked to wear appropriate footwear, no flip-flops or high heels. For safety purposes, you will have to wear a helmet, and initial training will be given by an experienced instructor.

There are weight limits, as determined by the manufacturer, and you must be between 7 and 17.5 stones.

Movement is controlled by leaning your body in different directions. To start the Segway rolling, lean slightly forward, and don’t worry that it will go too fast. Segways have a top speed of 12 miles per hour, and for a beginner, they will be limited to just 6 miles per hour.

Within minutes, you’ll be confidently zipping around like a pro!

Riding a Segway is a great addition to your bucket list. It’s a fantastic way to make memories, take in the sights, and enjoy the ride!


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