Have you ever wished that you could step back in time and experience history firsthand?

If so, then joining a historical reenactment group needs to be added to your bucket list! It offers an immersive and unique way to bring the past to life.

Whether you’re fascinated by the Renaissance, medieval battles, or the Civil War, you can find groups for every period and interest. You can become part of a dedicated community that shares the same interests.


Finding a Reenactment Group

There are numerous groups and associations throughout the UK, representing a variety of interests. You may wish to start by attending a reenactment event and see if the group appeals to you, before enquiring about joining.

For example, if you have a passion for the Middle Ages, you should be able to find jousting events and have a chat with the participants. Find out if they have regular meetings, and what the membership entails.


The Sealed Knot

The Sealed Knot is the biggest reenactment society in Europe, hosting numerous live events, and families are welcome to join.

Although primarily based on reenacting famous battles from the English Civil War, it has many options to explore. For example, the members often visit schools, to give pupils a more interesting approach to history by seeing them in costume.

The Sealed Knot takes its responsibilities seriously, and you would be assigned a commanding officer.

Getting Into Character

One thing to be aware of is that typically you will be expected to purchase your own costume and accessories. Some reenactment groups allow new members to borrow clothing for events, to ensure it is what you were looking for before buying your own.

Participating in reenactments allows you to gain a deeper appreciation for history and the people who lived it, and is a fun bucket list activity!


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