It has always been said that everybody has a book inside them

These days, it’s easier than ever to get your thoughts written, and published, too. So, if writing a book is on your bucket list, you can feasibly start today! Your initial step is to decide what you want to write, whether it is a collection of poems, a memoir, a novel, or a self-help guide.

Based on your own perspective, you can tell a story, or share knowledge on a favourite subject.

Writing Process

You may have a preferred choice for word processing on your PC or laptop, with Word and Google Docs being the most popular and easy to use. Or you can use book writing software, many options are freely available and can help you with layout and formatting.

Start with a working title, and an outline, preferably broken down into the chapters. You may need to structure your writing and hold yourself accountable for completing a certain number of words daily.


Publishing Your Book

It’s no longer necessary to pitch your ideas to a publishing company and potentially wait months only to suffer rejection. Now, self-publishing is well-accepted and relatively easy with platforms like Amazon KDP.

You will still need to consider the visuals, the cover, the introduction and an author biography. And don’t forget the editing, nobody wants to read poor spelling and grammar. If your budget allows it, you could hire a proofreader.

The last steps include finalising the title, checking the format matches the style of the publishing platform, and excitingly, setting your purchase price! You may have to start with a low figure to encourage people to buy and leave a review.

Writing a book is a task that doesn’t need to stay on your bucket list for long, you can start whenever you are ready!


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