Surely, bungee jumping must be pretty high up on many people’s bucket lists? This activity offers the rush of going into free-fall from a great height.

Yet, it is incredibly safe, and the industry is well-regulated. Since the first modern bungee jump took place in 1979, it has become more and more popular. There are thousands of locations all over the world where you can experience the thrill.


Bungee Jumping in Europe

Some of the most spectacular bungee jumps can be found in Europe, ideal for adding your bucket list challenge to a holiday. In fact, you can start close to home, as it’s possible to jump from a crane near the O2 Arena in London. Perfect for an unforgettable view of the capital’s skyline before you hurtle to the ground!

How about taking on Italy’s highest bungee jump? The Valgadena Bridge is 175m high and is situated in the Dolomites

Jumping in the US

If you are happy to travel further afield, there are plenty of opportunities to get your heart racing in the US. The High Steel Bridge in Washington is a popular choice, thanks to the gorgeous scenery around it.

Or, for a somewhat more sedate option, try the Stratosphere SkyJump in Las Vegas. Still classed as a bungee jump, the Las Vegas version slowly lowers you to the ground rather than requiring that you throw yourself off the building.

If bungee jumping is on your bucket list, it has never been easier to take that giant leap!

Whether you want to combine it with a weekend away or have a long holiday with time to get over it, there are plenty of options. Rest assured, all safety precautions will be adhered to, and you will have something to show off to your friends!



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