You may have been inspired to take a road trip across the United States. And what better option to add to your bucket list than the iconic Route 66?

Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time, ideally around three weeks, as the entire trip covers 2,400 miles through eight states. Surprisingly, you will also pass through three different time zones!


The Best Route to Take

The initial intention of Route 66 was to allow travellers to get to the West of the US, so it makes sense that you follow this direction too. That will entail starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica, with plenty of delightful diversions along the way. If you are limited in time, you could just drive as far as Oklahoma or Kansas and still experience the oldest section of the route.


The Best Places to Visit

If you picture a classic American road trip, you will undoubtedly envisage friendly diners, 1950s motels and vintage gas stations, and that’s precisely what you will find on Route 66. When you reach Oklahoma, you can visit the official Route 66 museum to discover the entire history of the road trip.

For Instagram-worthy photos, look no further than the famous Cadillac Ranch, with its graffiti-covered cars partially buried in the ground!

Albuquerque is not to be missed, and you can take time out of your road trip to try a hot air balloon ride over the desert. Maybe this is another adventure on your bucket list? As you continue on Route 66, you will hit Arizona, and a detour to the Grand Canyon won’t take much time out of your schedule.

With so much to see, your drive on Route 66 will meet all of your expectations!



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