Petra is an ancient city in southwestern Jordan, which is believed to date from around the year 9,000 BC. The city’s relative obscurity, as well as the unique nature of the artifacts on display there, have made it increasingly popular among visitors.

If you are looking to truly understand those early days of modern human civilisation, and get away from the usual crowds of tourists, Petra is a great place to visit.

Flying Over

Most flights into, and out of, Jordan land in the capital city Amman. Departures from the UK fly from London, meaning that many people will have to take a connecting flight at the start of their trip.

Alternative options involve crossing over from Egypt or Israel, although it’s worth being aware that a Jordanian or Israeli border stamp in your passport, can cause serious issues if you’re trying to get into an Arab country at a later date.

While visits are possible, it requires a little bit more in the way of advance planning and preparation, than a standard two-week getaway to a Spanish costa!

Other Routes to Petra

Alternatively, it’s possible to see Petra in a (very long) day trip from Amman which will last around 16 hours in total. Admission to the historical site costs around £54.74, although tickets which allow you to stay for multiple days don’t cost significantly more.

Keep in mind that transport, food and all the other amenities that you might require on a long day in a desert climate, will cost extra. An alternative which can help to reduce the cost is to visit Petra at night, which is priced at closer to £20.

However, if seeing Petra has always been on your bucket list, then it’s well worth paying a little extra to experience it during the day, and create special memories which will last for a lifetime.

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