Sometimes it is good to look at the world from a different perspective. How about viewing a city or landmark from above – by helicopter?

This would be a really special treat if you were on holiday, but is it easy to arrange?


Book Your Sightseeing Flight

Helicopter tours are actually a big business, and no matter where you are, whether at home or abroad, you are sure to find a specialist company that arranges them. Although you may be able to choose your own itinerary, this could be more expensive. Often, it’s better to go with a package tour, which will make the most of local knowledge and ensure you see the best sights.


What to Expect

If you have never flown before, you may be somewhat nervous, and you could book a taster trip to begin with. These typically last around 5 minutes and will reassure you as to how safe the activity is. However, if you’re quietly confident, then book the full package for the best deal. The helicopter will be modern, well-maintained, and comfortable.

You will be expected to wear a headset, so the pilot can talk to you and explain what you are seeing.

The cockpit is mainly composed of glass, so everybody gets a window seat! The helicopters fly at around 1000 feet, so you really get a bird’s eye view. Do be aware that any trip will depend on the weather conditions and if there are any airspace restrictions at the time.

Whether you want to fly over London, New York, or an interesting natural landmark, you are sure to find a package tour that meets your expectations.


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