Coasting along, with nothing but the open road ahead, blasting out tunes with your best friend and glancing at stunning vistas through your rear-view mirror, is one of the most wonderful experiences life can offer.

Taking the plunge and organising a road trip may seem daunting, but if it’s on your bucket list, now is undoubtedly the time to make your travel dreams come true.


Where to Go?

Naturally, your destination will depend mainly on your budget. A global trekking adventure skirting the Skeleton Coast in Namibia or circling New Zealand’s South Island is sure to put a dent in your savings.

The good news is, the planet is overflowing with incredible routes, so there are plenty of opportunities to hit the road even closer to home.

Exploring the rugged beauty of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides or the magic of Andalusia can be just as rewarding as traversing exotic locations in far-flung regions.

Who to Take Along?

Anyone who has ever travelled for any length of time with a friend or a group of companions knows that it’s not always plain sailing. Choosing the perfect travelling partner can make the difference between a trip of a lifetime and a holiday from hell.

Sharing a car, in particular, will undoubtedly test your friendship to the limit, due to the confined space and constant proximity to one another. It’s important to discuss details beforehand, especially how the costs will be shared, to ensure you’re both on the same page before heading out.



When driving for long stretches, it’s a good idea to take plenty of breaks, take turns behind the wheel and bring entertainment for the journey, such as books, music and games, etc.

Buy a map (yes, remember them?), talk to locals and tourists along the way and take as many photos as possible. Above all, sit back, relax and head off together into the sunset on a road trip to remember.

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