Mozambique might not immediately spring to mind deserted, paradisaical islands. But it gets them spot on. From total escape to romantic resorts and water sports, these sparsely-populated islands can offer something to everyone.

Lying off towards the southern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Mozambique‘s islands have enormous amounts of adventure and pleasure to offer. Not given the same press attention in the West as other African destinations, they are also largely unspoiled and uncommericialised.

Bazaruto Archipelago

There are two major groups of islands in Mozambique, known as Bazaruto and the Quirimbas. The former comprises six islands, of which Benguerra and Bazaruto are the most popular.

These islands feature long, pristine white-sand beaches, featuring excellent opportunities for sailing, snorkeling and diving. There’s even horse riding and dune boarding, for those with a keen sense of fun!

For highly-recommended accommodation, Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort is well known for its luxury villas and nationally-acclaimed spa.

Quirimbas Archipelago

If you like the idea of blissfully hopping across an adornment of baixos, islets, glassy spits and reefs, then the Quirimbas is definitely a bucket list item to consider.

Being here presents you some rare, beautiful opportunities. It places you in the humpback whales’ migration path up the African coast, for instance, giving the a chance to see them close up.

Visit special islands such as Pemba Island and Medjumbe, where you have the chance to be dropped off to explore, snorkel and picnic. You can also stay overnight there, falling asleep under a clear, unspoiled ocean of stars.


If you’re after a bit of history to compliment your tropical adventure, then make sure you stop in Ibo. This larger island used to be the capital of Mozambique, and boasts a fascinating array of colonial mansions and forts.

If you like tales of pirates, then there are plenty of great tours for you too!

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