Russia is the home and birth place of vodka, so what better place to sample this grain spirit than in the country’s capital, Moscow? In this article, we’ll be taking you on a quick vodka tour of the Russian capital, so you can tick this item off your bucket list in one fell swoop.

Learn the rules

Before you leave your hotel and set off into the bright lights of the city, you should acquaint yourself with Russian drinking customs. In Moscow, vodka tends to be served chilled in 50-gram shots, neat – not served long as you would have it back home – and followed by a pickle, or black bread.

“Before you go out, make sure you have had plenty to eat, to ensure you don’t get too drunk, too quickly. And remember: make a toast before you drink!”

Now you’re familiar with what’s expected of you, it’s time to head out! Moscow has a whole range of cool bars and drinking spots, whatever budget you have in mind. Here are a few:


Located in the centre of the city, Beluga is a pricey but classy option. The brainchild of Alexander Rapoport, the man behind several of Moscow’s more well-known restaurants, the bar serves over 70 varieties of vodka.


This Soviet-themed bar offers visitors a trip back in time, all while serving a range of Russian vodka at affordable prices. It can be found just off Nikitskiy Boulevard.

Bamboo Bar

One of Moscow’s most vaunted cocktail spots, Bamboo Bar, located in a two-storey restaurant on the Moskva River, offers a huge variety of high-end Russian vodka brands, including Beluga and Onegin.

Cristall Vodka Museum

The Cristall Vodka Museum, home of the famous Stolichnaya, is perhaps the best place in Moscow to learn about this famous drink. You can also sample some of the world’s premier vodkas on one of the tours!

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