If you were to ask most people what is on their bucket list, you can be pretty confident that going on a wildlife safari would be near the top.

The combination of adventure and nature is irresistible, and the opportunity to see the “big five” adds an extra thrill of excitement. However, planning your trip is not to be taken lightly, as safaris can be quite expensive. You need to ensure it encompasses everything you want.


Choosing Where to Go on Safari

The first task is to determine which country you wish to visit, and this decision can be led by the type of animal you are hoping to see. For example, if leopards are a particular favourite, then your best bet would be Kenya or Tanzania. Other popular African options include Zambia or Botswana, where you can expect to come across rhinos, elephants, and buffalo.

Your safari will be led by an experienced guide who will know exactly where to find these majestic creatures.

A Luxury Camping Experience

Just because you are out in the wilds of nature doesn’t mean that you will have to suffer basic accommodation. A fast-growing trend is luxury safaris, and you can expect the tents to be as glamorous as a five-star hotel. You can even arrange to combine your safari with a beach resort and enjoy some relaxation after your adventure. On a luxury trip, you can expect to travel in a private vehicle and be treated to the finest food and drink, all included in the price.

Going on a wildlife safari is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it will give you great satisfaction to cross it off your bucket list. The thrill of seeing exotic animals in their natural habitat will live with you forever.


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