If you have the urge to rediscover some of your favourite childhood activities, then making the ultimate den could be added to your bucket list.

It can actually be really satisfying to build something with just your own hands and natural objects that you find around you. But, of course, you have to be aware that it won’t last and will be subject to weather conditions. It may also be seen by others if you are building in a public area such as a local wood.


What Do You Need to Build a Den?

When think of a den, you will typically picture wooden sticks and branches meshed together, but this can be pretty unstable. For the ultimate den, you will also need leaves and mud to help hold it together.

Start by finding the bigger pieces to form the initial structure. It’s easier to build your den against a tree, as this will give it a solid foundation. Try and find a tree that is surrounded by flat ground and perhaps has some low branches that help create a roof.

If the tree has a strong trunk with obvious cracks and crevices, you could build a wigwam and wedge sturdy branches into it.

The next step is to start filling in the walls of the ultimate den with increasingly thinner sticks.

Refining your den

Now comes the messy bit! You can mix fallen leaves and mud together to create a form of plaster and slather it liberally all over the branches. Once dried, the dirt will hold the den together.

What you do with your den is up to you. Perhaps you have children or grandchildren who will love to use their imagination and enjoy many adventures in it. Building the ultimate den is a great bucket list activity that will also bring pleasure to others.


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