Have you always wanted to run 5k, but have not succeeded for one reason or another?

Jump on board with thousands of UK citizens trying to complete 5K and start a new and healthier lifestyle.

Exercise is good for your overall wellness, and a goal of 5K is achievable by most people in basic good health. Try our tips, reach the goal, and most importantly, do not stop there. Keep going after you have reached the finish line. As all the groundwork is done, it is easy to keep up the new, more exercise-filled lifestyle.

Set Small Goals

You can set your time frame at your own level but make sure you keep progressing towards the goal. Too loose a schedule will lead to procrastination and potential failure. Suppose you are uncertain of your own capability to move and exercise. In that case, it is advisable to be checked by a doctor before you start.

Set a goal for every week in advance and then just start moving. Go for a run at least every day or every other day according to your personal plan. The important thing is just to run, no matter the weather or how tired you might feel.

You can do anything for 20 minutes, and that is where you can start. Then, stretch the running time according to your schedule. Also, go at your own pace; you can pick up speed later.

Get the Right Gear

Ordinary workout clothes will do fine, but if you prefer, there is also running gear available. What you should invest in, though, are running shoes that are right for you. There are also unique running socks available to give your step a little more cushion.

Women will also benefit from a sturdy sports bra. Make use of your phone and listen to your favourite music or a motivational speaker while you run. You can also use an app to track your progress or use a running watch.



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