Sometimes, the simplest things can be deeply rewarding and deserve a place on your bucket list.

The sense of satisfaction gained from helping those in need is immeasurable. A quick and easy task would be to buy groceries for a vulnerable neighbour. Obtaining food in this way has actually become a necessity for some people during the recent pandemic.


Helping neighbours

If you are well established in the area, then you probably already know your neighbours and have an idea as to any who may be vulnerable. Perhaps they are elderly or have a disability or mobility problems.

You may have seen people struggling to get to the shops and wondered whether to help. Do not be worried about approaching them, as they will most likely be grateful for your offer of assistance.

If you have only recently moved into the street, then you will have to take the time to get to know your neighbours first, as they may be suspicious of your motives.


Getting organised

Take the time to establish what they actually need and if they have any preferences or allergies that you should be aware of. Are they happy with substitute items if their usual favourite is not available?

Do they prefer cooking from scratch, or would they rather prepare ready meals? Take account of the size of their fridge or freezer to ensure you don’t buy items they have no room to store.

As regards payment, you need to establish what method they prefer. Some may give you the necessary cash, or if shopping for a small amount, might allow you to use their contactless card. If you want to take your generosity to the next level, you could offer to pay for their groceries.

Please don’t hesitate to help a vulnerable neighbour, and cross this task off your bucket list today!



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