A bucket list doesn’t necessarily have to be full of exotic adventures and adrenaline-filled experiences.

Making simple changes in your life can be a rewarding experience and shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. Perhaps you would like to focus on gratitude, which can help you appreciate the good things that surround you.

Many people like to keep their own gratitude journals and make notes every evening of what they are grateful for.

Show Your Appreciation

All too often, we take everyday things for granted and never really express our gratitude to those who enrich our daily lives. Telling someone how kind they are or how they helped you out will surprise and delight them and put a genuine smile on their face. You could even write down your appreciation in a letter.


Pay It Forward

This is a very simple way to focus on gratitude, and it can take very different forms. Each time somebody does you a favour, pay it forward by acting with thoughtfulness. Holding a door open, completing a chore that you know somebody doesn’t like, or even offering to pay for someone’s shopping are all simple tasks that will help make the world a better place.


Express Your Emotion

Your friends and family will no doubt be aware of how much they mean to you, but when was the last time you actually told them how grateful you are to have them in your life? You don’t have to give a long, emotional speech; just a few well-chosen words at the right time will bring a warm glow to their heart.

Focusing on gratitude is a bucket list task you can start immediately with no forward planning. Start today by looking around you and taking note of what you really have to be grateful for.


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