Before you restore a classic car or motorbike, you need a passion for the machine you are renovating and its genre. This is a labour of love, and it’s hugely rewarding for those who complete such a project.

The process of restoring a classic car or motorbike lets you follow in the footsteps of bygone designers and mechanics, and eventually drivers. If you have the requisite skills and funds for this enterprise, it’s a great one for your bucket list!


Are You Up to the Task?

Anyone contemplating a classic car or motorbike restoration is likely to feel confident in their motor maintenance capabilities already. You can probably carry out most routine tasks and repairs.

A restoration will often present unforeseen problems and expenses. So, you need to weigh up your limitations. How much of a budget do you have to outsource engine rebuilds or electrical work, for instance?

Your initial purchase should be as informed as possible, especially if funds are limited.

If you’re handy at welding, bodywork, painting, and fixing upholstery, you’ll have a good skill set to build on. In any case, learning new skills and improvising is part of the fun.


Picking a Model

Chances are, if you’re considering a classic car or motorbike restoration, you probably already have a love for specific marques and vintages.

Nonetheless, it’s worth thinking about the availability of parts and how easy the vehicle is to work on before taking up the challenge. This is especially true of a one-off project that you want to succeed in.

Rust is a major consideration when choosing a car or bike to restore. You’ll need to replace parts that are rusted right through, whereas more superficial damage is reparable. Choose wisely!

Resources and Camaraderie

Whether online or in real life, it’s useful to hook up with fellow enthusiasts and mentors when taking on a classic car or bike restoration. Learn from people who have done this before and make new friends.

Your classic rebuild will also build your social circle.


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