Joining a dance class is a fun, and potentially exhilarating challenge to add to your bucket list!

It is a great form of exercise, you can make new friends and pick up a few skills, too. Not just ballroom dancing, as popularised in TV shows, there are other genres to try. You could consider ballet, hip-hop, zumba or salsa, even if you have no experience!

Age certainly doesn’t matter, young and old are equally welcome.

How to Find a Dance Class

Dance classes are held in numerous different venues, some in specialised studios, others in local village halls or sports centres. Try social media, local newspapers, or noticeboards.

Some classes prefer you to book, while others allow walk-ins, but either way, you will no doubt have to pay a small fee. This will cover the cost of the lesson, and perhaps refreshments too. Wear something comfortable that is not too tight or restrictive.


What to Expect

Even if you are a nervous first-timer, you will be warmly welcomed, and you can come alone or with a partner. The teachers will be appropriately trained, and will be delighted to share their passion!

The lessons should be easy to follow, sociable and fun. You will be encouraged to dance with different partners throughout the class. Maybe you want to choreograph your first wedding dance? You are sure to find a willing tutor!

There are many benefits to dance classes, including an improvement in your cardio fitness, a boost to your mobility and flexibility and finding like-minded friends who love to socialise.

You might even gain the confidence to appear in a stage show! Whether you’re looking to dazzle at social events or just want to have fun, there’s a dance class out there for you!


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