If hiking is one of your passions, then the dramatic trails of the Scottish Highlands will undoubtedly feature on your bucket list.

Stunning scenery, nature, waterfalls, local flora and wildlife await you! Whether you want an easier day trip or a more challenging adventure, there are thousands of paths to choose from.

Take care to check the weather conditions before you set off and always notify someone where you are going.

Difficult Trails

Unless you have some experience with challenging terrain, it is not recommended to take on a more difficult trail. Even the shorter hikes can be deceptive.

But for a confident hiker, the Ben Nevis mountain track can be very rewarding. Visibility can be obscured and it’s approximately 10 miles, so your endurance will be tested!

You can also consider The Old Man of Storr Walk, and the Quirang Circuit, both on the Isle of Skye.

Moderate Difficulty

At less than two hours to complete and approximately three miles, the Fairy Pools route is described as a medium-level challenge. The crystal clear pools are suitable for wild swimming if you can bear the cold!

A similar trail is the Prison Walk, which involves a steep climb of a pyramid-shaped rock formation. It’s quite remote, so bring enough water, and ensure your footwear is adequate for the rocky terrain.

Easy Hikes

If you are relatively new to hiking or are not at peak fitness, there are still plenty of easier hikes to enjoy. The Ness Islands Walk takes less than an hour and follows a series of footbridges across five islands.

If you are capable of a longer walk on easy terrain, consider the Crinan Canal Hike at nine miles long.

Scotland offers some stunning hikes, no matter your level of experience, a fun bucket list challenge to try!


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