There are many beautiful areas to visit in England and the UK, but outstanding among them is the Cotswolds. Its rolling hills extend from south-central England to the south-west. The pace of life is generally tranquil. Breathtaking scenery is all around, as well as some of the UK’s prettiest towns and villages.

Some great places sit on the fringes too, such as Bath, Cheltenham, and the medieval town of Malmesbury. Cirencester, known as “Siren” to locals, is the largest town in the Cotswolds district and makes a charming base for a visit.

Cotswolds Highlights

Numerous little towns and villages of the Cotswolds are worth seeing on any visit.

Some of them are as follows.


It was once described by William Morris (19th-century textile designer and writer) as “the most beautiful village in England”.

It’s certainly stunning, with the River Coln running through it and attractive buildings including Arlington Row: an eye-pleasing line of Cotswold stone cottages.


Apicturesque village dubbed the “Venice of the Cotswolds”, thanks to the neatly contained River Windrush that passes through it, and under little stone bridges. Among the attractions here are a bird park and model village.

The Cotswolds is the most significant “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” in England, covering 787 square miles.

Castle Combe

Undoubtedly one of the prettiest villages in the Cotswolds, lined as it is with stone houses, and having the Bybrook River flowing through its centre.


This village sits along the “Cotswold Way”, making it an ideal base for walking. It’s also home to the 18th-century Rococo Garden, which offers excellent views of the nearby countryside, as well as a surviving rococo design that is the last of its kind in England.


A market town to the north-east of the Cotswolds. It’s full of intriguing shops, cosy pubs and inviting tearooms. A few miles to the north is Broadway: an attractive village that falls within Worcestershire.

Whether you’re walking, cycling or driving, don’t miss a visit to the Cotswolds and its undulating landscape.

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