Provence is worth visiting for its stunning scenery and relaxed pace of life alone. If you happen to love rosé wine, you have even more reason to go. This stunning region of southeast France is the world’s premier producer of the pale-pink drink.

Rosé Popularity

If you’re not a wine connoisseur, Provence is the perfect place to further your education. Rosé wine has increased drastically in popularity over the past 2-3 decades. And the French love it!

There is a market of approximately 36 million people for rosé among the population. No better region exists for sampling its delights than beautiful Provence.

Provençal Rosé

The combination of climate, terroir (environmental factors) and grape types make Provençal rosé special. Of course, centuries of expertise do not go amiss, either. This type of wine has existed in the region since it was introduced by the Greeks in 600 BC. All wines were paler in color during that time, but rosé still survived after the Romans introduced red wine to the area.

Provençal winemaking grew hugely during the Middle Ages, and rosé wine was a significant source of revenue for monasteries. The development of railroads expanded the market during the late 19th century.

Consumption of rosé wine has tripled since 1990. Despite its long history, it’s now seen as a modern wine: light, refreshing and versatile, being compatible with a wide range of foods.

Go to Provence

The French have a gift for hospitality, and that’s never truer than in laid-back Provence. The weather is, for the most part, glorious, and the scenery is stunning. There’s no better place to “prendre un verre” with family or friends, especially when the verre contains one of the region’s rosés.

It’s easier than ever to get to Provence from the UK, too, with Eurostar trains whisking you straight from London to Avignon. Flights to Marseille, Nimes and Montpelier are another way of skipping the long drive, although that, too, is simple using the “autoroute du soleil”.

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