If you’ve always wanted to see the world but haven’t known where to start, how about grabbing an Interrail pass and touring Europe? Depending on the type of pass you buy, you can travel on railways and ferries across up to 30 countries. You must be a European citizen to qualify, otherwise you need a Eurail pass.

Why Europe?

Europe is arguably the most diverse continent in the world. Climates and landscapes differ hugely as well. Within 600 miles you can travel from the pan-flat Netherlands—land of canals and windmills—to dramatic mountains towering almost 3 miles above sea level. You can travel from subtropical to polar climates.

“Despite being relatively small, there are huge natural, cultural and economic differences between Europe’s various countries.”

Choosing an Interrail Pass

Interrail passes are available in three different forms. Using a single pass, up to 40,000 destinations are accessible.

The Interrail Global Pass

The Global Pass lets you travel on a set number of days within 15 days or 1 month. You can also buy an unlimited 22-day pass. Usable in 30 countries, it’s ideal for long-distance touring across Europe.

One Country Pass

Offering exceptional value for money, a one-country Interrail pass lets you travel for a specified number of days (3, 4, 6 or 8) within 1 month. The pass isn’t valid in your country of residence. Some European countries offer tremendous geographic and cultural diversity without ever needing to cross a border.

Premium Pass

The main advantage of a Premium Pass is the ability to reserve seats on special high-speed or night trains free of charge. With other Interrail passes, these trains come with a surcharge.

Complete Convenience

One of the great benefits of an Interrail pass is its flexibility. You can plan your journey in advance without having to worry about catching or missing specific trains. You also avoid the hassle of queuing up for tickets at every stage of your tour.

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