When thinking of what may be on a person’s bucket list, it would be assumed that tropical destinations would be pretty high up. However, what if you prefer the colder temperatures and a taste for something unusual?

If this sounds like you, then sleeping in an igloo may be a good option. Is this even possible? Where would you go, and what does it entail?


Places to go

Surprisingly, there are several destinations throughout Europe which offer an igloo experience and provide everything you may require. The igloo villages are often beautifully decorated and have bars, saunas and restaurants.

Winter sleeping bags are always provided topped with your choice of faux fur or real fur. This can be a magical idea around Christmas time, especially in Finland, where they create Santa themed villages, with pretty lights and the chance to go on a sleigh ride.


European Adventures

You may not think that France is cold enough for an igloo experience, but it can be found in La Plagne, a popular ski resort. Your igloo will have stunning views of Mont Blanc. For a romantic getaway, Austria offers luxury igloos, complete with reindeer skins and VIP suites.

There is even an igloo church for the ultimate icy wedding ceremony!

Slovenia hosts an entire Eskimo village, for up to 34 guests who would relish the opportunity to sleep on beds carved from huge blocks of ice! A fondue dinner ends the evening before you retire to your cold, yet cosy, igloo.

If you don’t fancy the thought of all the snow above your bed, you can opt for a glass igloo, allowing spectacular views of the Northern Lights through your ceiling. So, if sleeping in an igloo is high on your bucket list, you have plenty of options to indulge your preference for colder climates.


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