If you have a yearning for adventure, perhaps inspired by the many TV programmes on the subject, then a wilderness survival course could be on your bucket list.

This is not for the faint-hearted and may require some level of fitness, but rest assured your safety is paramount. You will undoubtedly learn new techniques and discover the art of bush craft.

A respect for nature and the environment is encouraged, and although your boundaries may be pushed, it should always be fun, too!


What to Expect on a Survival Course

If this is something new to you, then the best option is to try a one-day course, rather than book for a full week and find you are not enjoying it. The instructors will all have relevant qualifications, including first aid certificates.

You will need to read the description of the course carefully as some of them expect you to hunt and kill animals or birds for consumption, and this may not be something you want to participate in.

You will be taught basic survival skills, such as lighting fires, building a shelter, using knives safely and efficiently, purifying water and identifying edible plants.

There is no guarantee of good weather, so be prepared with your choice of outdoor clothing, and take a waterproof jacket.

All necessary equipment will be provided, but bring a water bottle, insect repellent and a pair of sturdy gloves.

Taking Things Further

If you find that you enjoy this bucket list experience, you could move on to other courses that require an overnight stay. Or perhaps opt to specialise in one particular aspect of bushcraft.

For example, you may discover a talent for wood carving or foraging. You will retain the knowledge of these survival skills long in your memory, and maybe one day, they could save you from disaster!


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