If you are a foodie, with any interest in exploring the finer side of dining, then eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant will undoubtedly be at the top of your bucket list.

With hundreds to choose from, you are spoilt for choice, but many of the more popular options are booked months in advance. Some forward planning is necessary, and it may be easier to find a lunchtime reservation.

This will not only give you the Michelin experience, but a cheaper cost too!


What is a Michelin Star?

Although you may be familiar with the term, perhaps you are unaware of the process involved. The restaurant has to meet five different criteria, one of which is surprisingly, the personality of the chef, as revealed by their dishes. The highest award is three Michelin stars, and obviously, these are the most difficult to book.

You may wish to make a reservation at a one-star establishment, and still be assured of exceptional food.

How to Book a Michelin-Star Restaurant

If you wish to stay close to home, then there are currently over 180 restaurants with at least one Michelin star in the UK. The majority are in London, but the rest are spread throughout the country.

It will always be necessary to make a reservation, and this is usually done online. There is often a cancellation policy, and you may be required to pay a non-refundable deposit. If there are any cancellations, it may be possible to get a table on the same day.

Expect the experience to take several hours, fine dining cannot be rushed! There will typically be a tasting menu, that allows you to explore the full range of the chef’s creativity. Enjoying a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant is a worthy addition to any foodie’s bucket list!


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