If the pressures of modern life sometimes seem overwhelming, then the idea of spending a week camping off-grid could be on your bucket list.

The thought of not being at the beck and call of your phone or laptop and living a simpler life can be very appealing. However, some forward planning is required, including finding out where it is legal to camp, if not on a registered site. For example, in the UK, only Scotland allows wild camping everywhere in the country.


What to Pack for Camping Off-Grid

Of course, what you need to take with you is determined by how many of life’s luxuries you are prepared to do without. Do you want the whole wild experience, or can you not bear to be without some access to electricity? If the latter, then you would be advised to take a portable generator.

You also have the choice of taking your own tent or opting for accommodation already set up on site. Although this may be seen as “cheating,” having some of the work done for you!

A True Off-Grid Experience

If you want to go totally off-grid, you may not even allow yourself the luxury of a camping stove and will have to rely on your skill at starting a fire for cooking. However, do ensure you check the law as regards building a campfire in the area you have chosen.

Clean water is another consideration, and you will need a purifying kit if you intend to take full advantage of nature. And as you will have no form of heating, appropriate clothing is essential for colder nights.

A week camping off-grid could be just what you need to reset your life and realise just how few material possessions you actually need to be comfortable.


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