It’s safe to say that most young children like animals and enjoy seeing them at close quarters.

So, visiting an animal farm with the family is an easy task to cross off your bucket list. You won’t have to travel far, as many farms encourage visitors and have extra facilities such as play areas.

When planning your visit, take care to check the age limits. Your children may be disappointed if they can’t feed the animals as expected, because they are too young.


What to Expect at the Farm

A typical farm will have a variety of animals, both indoors and out in the fields. Suitable footwear is necessary as the paths may be muddy, and don’t bother with your best clothes as the animals may want to snuggle up to you, depositing their hair or fur as they do so!


Look out for timetables as there may be specific feeding times which you won’t want to miss.

If your youngsters are allowed to bottle feed new lambs, it will be an experience that stays with them forever.

Maximising the experience

There may be a petting area where the children (and adults!) will enjoy cuddling and stroking smaller creatures such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

There will also be a guide on hand to answer any questions about the animals.

Make sure your children follow the rules and don’t allow them to climb over fences or gates. There may even be a gift shop or tearoom on the farm for souvenirs and a light lunch or snack.

Visiting an animal farm with the family will be a lovely experience for all ages. You can time your visits for special events such as the lambing season in spring.

No matter what time of year, there will always be something new to see on the farm.


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