There has undoubtedly been a phenomenal rise in the number of coffee shops that have appeared on the high street of every town.

However, who would ever have realised that something as simple as making a cup of coffee would become an art form? Perhaps you have admired the skill of the server and decided you would like to do a barista course? It’s certainly on many people’s bucket lists. Whether it’s for pleasure or a future career, it’s pretty easy to find a suitable course.


Discover the Basics of Coffee Making

Although it’s possible to find online courses and YouTube videos that teach barista skills, there is no substitute for learning with an experienced professional face to face. Before you move on to the creative aspect and learn how to add latte art, you need to master the basics.

Your tutor will explain where coffee comes from, how it is grown and harvested, and the importance of roasting the beans.

The Stages of a Cup of Coffee

The next step in the process involves getting to grips with the coffee machine, including how to calibrate the grinder. Surprisingly, it is likely that the majority of the course will focus on steaming the milk and pouring the coffee. The most popular drinks are lattes and cappuccinos, and getting the milk right is an important task. Then, finally, you will be taught latte art, and here is where you can unleash your creativity!

The most straightforward design to master is the heart shape, and it’s fascinating how something so simple can look so effective. Another option is a latte rosetta, also known as a fern, and this requires a little more concentration. Doing a barista course is an excellent addition to your bucket list. It will give you an exciting insight into the art of coffee making.


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