When you need a break, the typical foreign holiday resorts may not be as appealing as usual.

The hassle of flying and dealing with a different language doesn’t exactly lead to a relaxing experience. If this is the case for you, then trying a canal narrowboat holiday is an excellent addition to your bucket list.

The simple pleasure of sailing along the UK’s waterways, taking in your surroundings at a slower pace, cannot be denied.


Planning Your Narrowboat Holiday

You may be somewhat nervous about your ability to sail a narrowboat if you have not done this before. Yet the boat hire company will give you instructions and may even accompany you on a short trial run.

If you are worried about having to pass through locks on the canal, you can plan a route with fewer of them.

Booking your overnight moorings in advance is a good idea, especially during the summer months.

A Narrowboat Holiday for Families

You may not think that narrowboats are suitable for families, and you could be concerned about your children’s safety near water. However, the boats are surprisingly spacious and have all the necessary equipment, such as life jackets, which are essential for non-swimmers.

Older children will love having a go at steering the boat or helping to operate the locks. There is even likely to be a television and DVD player on board.

Exploring the UK by water will undoubtedly change the way you look at things and allow you to appreciate the great outdoors. There are many places to begin your journey.

You may choose to discover a specific county’s canals, such as Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, or Warwickshire. Your family will be delighted you decided to cross this task from your bucket list!


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