The onset of a fresh new year is a time for reflection and resolutions, and 2022 will be no different.

This is also the ideal opportunity to create your own bucket list. Perhaps this idea is new to you, and you have never actually considered it before. Or maybe you already have a bucket list and want to revamp it to better relate to your current interests.

Remember, it doesn’t have to consist of exotic, expensive adventures; the simplest things can bring you pleasure.


Travel, Education or Family?

The most popular bucket list ideas typically fall into education, family or travel. No explanation is required for the travel option. This tends to feature such delights as taking a gondola in Venice, seeing the cherry blossom in Japan or visiting the Great Wall of China.

However, there is also a place for something closer to home, and this could be learning a new skill, enjoying further education long after leaving school.

Perhaps you have always yearned to expand your music skills and learn a new musical instrument. If you crave something a little more physical, you could try out a martial art. How about taking on a new language?

This could come in handy when exploring one of your bucket list travel destinations.

If you want to involve all the family and create happy memories, one idea would be to try a new recipe each month, or raise a new puppy or even start a weekly quiz evening.

There are numerous topics that could lead to a new bucket list idea, and half the fun is in doing the research! Look in to improving your fitness and health, or doing something unusual such as standing on the Equator or having a go at paintball.

If you don’t have a bucket list, why not start one today?
It won’t cost a penny to produce – only your time.

Download & start your list


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