Do you want to relive your fondest childhood memories or give your own kids a haven for imagination and adventure? Or do you simply want to take on a DIY project of a lifetime?

If building a treehouse is on your bucket list, then check out the following tips to turn your dream into a reality:

Get Everyone Involved

From initial design sketches to hammering in the last nail, the whole family should be involved in the treehouse building process.

Children, in particular, are fountains of creativity, so listen to their ideas and find a way of making their desires possible.

It’s also important to be aware of those around you- ensure your planned project will not infringe on the neighbours’ property or cause trouble with a local council.

Seek Inspiration

The possibilities for treehouse design are endless, with the individuality of each tree ensuring your project remains unique and perfectly tailored to your household.

However, if you’re unsure of where to begin, start by visiting one of the many incredible examples across the UK to explore the full potential of building expertise.

Choosing the Perfect Tree

Almost any healthy, mature tree is capable of supporting a structure, although preferred specimens include beech, oak, maple, fir and hemlock. The base of the treehouse needn’t be extremely high, which makes construction extremely difficult, with a height of 8 ft sufficient for most.

Remember that your chosen specimen is a living and growing being, so leave plenty of room around major branches and the trunk to avoid restricting growth.

Seek further advice to ensure your project makes as little damage to your tree as possible.

Use Resources

The internet is awash with step-by-step guides that can offer much needed support when it comes to the design and assembly stages of your proposal. Seek help from building experts and carpenters, learn to adapt your plans throughout the process, and most importantly, don’t give up!

The sense of satisfaction and the look on your kids’ faces will be worth every minute spend.

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