Do you have an inner artist, desperate to show off your creativity, but you are not quite sure of your ability?

A great way to start delving into the world of art is by doing a painting by numbers design.

No longer just a children’s hobby, it’s now a vast industry, and there are even apps for your mobile, so you can get creative on the go. So, it’s now easier than ever to cross off a painting by numbers artwork from your bucket list.


How to Start Painting by Numbers

You don’t need to have an eye for colour to begin painting by numbers. Typically, you will be presented with an outline of the painting, which will be divided into specific areas.

Each of these will be numbered, and the number will correspond to one particular colour. It’s merely a matter of picking up your brush, loading it with the appropriate colour, and painting the numbered areas.

It won’t be long before you are admiring your new artwork.


Electronic Painting by Numbers

This is undoubtedly a growing trend, and the paintings cover every subject imaginable. Some of the most popular include the fantasy genres and country cottage scenes.

It’s incredibly easy to download the app, most of which are free, and select your choice of painting. You simply tap the colour on the screen, look for the numbered area on the painting and tap again to add the paint.

Some of the images are very detailed, and the areas can be tiny, so you may need to zoom in to find them.

So, if getting creative with painting by numbers is on your bucket list, you can either buy a ready-made kit with everything you need or search for an app with your favourite subjects.



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