You may have hidden musical talents, and top of your bucket list could be writing a three-minute acoustic guitar song, allowing others to hear your own distinctive sound.

The first thing to consider is your instrument, whether you have an old faithful or plan on buying a new one.

Make sure it is in tune and if you want to be absolutely certain, you can buy a professional tuner to attach to the guitar.

Find your style

Next, consider the style of music you wish to write. Do you prefer a lilting ballad, foot-stomping country or maybe you just want to rock out?

Play a few chords, decide what key you want the song to be in, hum along and make sure you are comfortable with the style you have chosen.

You can change the pitch of the guitar from higher to lower and vice versa, by using a capo. Now you are ready to write that award-winning number!


Tips for songwriting

You may already have a melody in mind, so go with your initial instinct and add the words later.

It could be that you have thought of the lyrics first; in which case, fit the music around them, making sure there is a noticeable difference between the verse and the chorus.

You may be surprised as to how short a period of three minutes really is, but apparently, this is the perfect length of a hit song.

If you are really confident in your ability, you can even book time in a recording studio and commit your newly written song to be preserved on a CD. Technicians will ensure that everything sounds as you expected it to do.

So, what started as a task to tick off your bucket list, could now be the start of your new career.

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