Leaping from a plane may not be considered everybody’s idea of fun, yet doing a tandem skydive often features on many people’s bucket lists.

If you wish to experience the thrill of free falling for yourself, yet together with the safety back-up of an experienced instructor, then tandem diving could be your first taste of this exciting sport.


Places to go

There are many airfields throughout the UK which offer this opportunity, and you can even have it captured on film to impress all your friends!

Every aspect is safe and secure to allay any fears you may have, as a pre-jump briefing is mandatory to explain precisely what you need to do and what to expect.

If you wish, you can take control of the parachute and steer it yourself, before the instructor brings you safely back to earth.

The tandem parachute is specially designed for two people and has secure harnessing. You will also be expected to wear a helmet and goggles and will be supplied with a skydiver’s jumpsuit, just so you really look the part.


Getting into the air

Before you know it, there is no time left to think about your nerves, and you will be on board the plane for a surprisingly short flight of around 15 minutes, which takes you to a height of two miles.

Your instructor will let you know when it’s time to jump; there’s no turning back now, this could be the greatest thrill of your life!

Unbelievably, you could reach up to 120 mph on your descent during free fall, before your qualified instructor opens the parachute for a more sedate journey back to the ground.

So, if doing a tandem skydive is on your bucket list, there is nothing to hold you back.

You will undoubtedly be in safe hands and will have experienced something which few others have had the opportunity to do.

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